Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life is Fragile

Life is indeed fragile.I just received an sms yesterday that my ex-coursemate frm University Malaya has been admitted to ICU, UM medical centre.Later in the evening I receive another sms saying she has passed away due to brain infection.She was studying masters in UM.
I am not very close to Yun Yu but as far I as I remember she was a quiet girl, hardworking and rather low profile.She passed away so young, and I feel sad for her parents. So life is short, treasure it and live happily.Now I am waiting for the details of her funeral service if there is any in KL frm another coursemate Melisa. Yun yu is frm Penang and most probably the funeral service will be held in her hometown, which I won't be able to attend. Rest in Peace dear Yun Yu and you are remembered.

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