Thursday, January 27, 2011


Pic( Regis and Dandy)

So I asked Regis, the to be bridegroom is there is any song he request for prelude for his wedding.He requested Ave Maria and the bridal march.He also said he will be singing "TRULY" by Lionel Richie and his wife will sing "I SWEAR" by All for one. Hence yesterday I began searching youtube for the music videos to hear what it really sound like.And when I hear " truly", I was like wow, what a beautiful song.That would literally blow me away if my husband sings this for me.Anyway Regis is a good singer, his mum sings well too, especially those chinese soap opera.He married a Shanghai lady, Dandly Liu. I will be practicing this whole feb for the wedding songs and preludes.Songs I will be playing will most probably include fly me to the moon, Forever love by Wang Lee Hom, Forever Love by Jacky Cheung, Jin tian ni yao jia gei wo by David Tao and Jolin Tsai and Moon River.Anymore nice wedding songs to play?Maybe u can leave a comment below.

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