Friday, April 30, 2010

New designs

I made so many designs this week.Really break the record.All are really nice designs.Will take photos of them and post it up soon.I am sure you guys will love it! I will name my designs after some celebrities and famous tv or movie characters like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Huan Zhu Ge Ge(Translated as Princess Huan Zhu frm My Fair Princess).
My brother is into Direct selling now under the tutelage of Sumana, My mum's best friend.The products are very good, named Unicity.For those who need to slim down, they have products for that.Rest assured it is safe for consumption.Now I switched my Omega 3 intake frm Cosway to Unicity due to some issues which I do not want to explain, because I dun wanna get sued. I also drink Clorophil drink which is made from alfafa grass, love the taste! Unicity also sells skincare products. Those interested in this product can let me know.I want to share how this products are because I am consuming it everyday and I feel more healthy and positive! I used to have some sort of PMS thingy, getting irritated and moody during a certain period of the month, this month, I do not feel it anymore.Eating good nutrition and good supplements can improve your well being and mood and job performance.
I started consuming Unicity products frm April onwards .
Most of you eat outside food often rite?Especially those working in office.Hence, because the food they take is not healthy, they should take supplements to balance the nutrition in their body.The food you take will make or break your health. You are what you eat. I guarantee Unicity products will not disappoint you, because I personally have tried it and I consume Omega 3, clorophil and Spirulina every day. Give it a try! Although taking supplements need to spend some money, but think about it, you want to spend some money and be healthy and happy, why not?Some rich people spend money on luxurious food very often and they are not healthy, they get diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, cancer, etc.If you take good care of your health and feel happy, that is much better than to have lots of money, but cannot enjoy it coz you are sick.Think about it.If a billionaire has stroke, diabetes and is wheelchair bound, how can he enjoy life?

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