Monday, January 25, 2010

Where to buy cheap DVDs and "The Notebook"

Two days ago, I watched "The Notebook" at the comfort of my home.I had bought it from Bali, Kuta area.Near my hotel at Aston, a 4 star hotel. Among the movies I bought were Avatar, Ups and He's just not that into you.The price is Around RM4 per DVD, half the price in Malaysia.Somemore, they have this offer, Buy 5 free 2, Buy 10 free 6(Very worth it!) So, ppl go bali and buy lots of DVDS!Hehe...
The notebook is a really touching story I almost cried.It was true love and enduring love shown.I recommend this movie to all couples or singles looking for love.The character "Allie" is a very beautiful young woman, played by Rachel Mcadams and "Noah" by Ryan Gosling.Watch it yourself and you will give two thumbs up. Good acting acompanied by great story line, this is what makes this romantic movie worth watching.For those readers who have watched it, do leave a comment of what you think of it.I'll be happy to hear review from others too. I myself is a romantic person.Everyone needs love.In fact,we would die without love.E.g:If your parents don't love you and mistreat you, you will feel like life is not worth living.In short, love makes the world go round.

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