Thursday, January 28, 2010

A just Married Couple's Entry

Allison and Ken
Just married last year:)


Hi Mei Sann,

Herewith i attached a photo of my pre-wedding. We just got married half a year ago.
This year will be our FIRST "Married-Valentine's Day". And coincidentally it falls on the FIRST day of Chinese New Year. What a meaningful day in such a remarkable way!!! Of course we would do enjoy giving out angpaos on the day. To us, this coming Valentine's Day would be very much rmeaningful. And it is our pleasure and for us to treasure in sharing all meaningful days in future and many many years to come. Also wish to tell my hubby: "Ken, I love you forever".

Testimonial to Crystal Paradize:
Browsing thru the blog, I really feel amazed on the creation made. They are unique and special that we do not find the pieces elsewhere in the market. One good thing is, the products are sold at very affordable prices. I have ordered from 3 pendants, really cannot wait for the goods to reach my doorstep. If possible, I would like to meet with you in person so that I'm able to get the goods immediately and wear them on. Your service is so good and professional. You even offered me to help repair my broken bracelet which I wasn't bought from you. Frankly, I'm very touched on this. Thank you very much for the good deed. I wish you good business networking on the coming fruitful year.

Allison Chih ML.

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