Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A post dedicated to our Hero Dato Lee Chong Wei

      Everytime, I check Facebook, there will be so many posts about Dato Lee Chong Wei. As I read some post, I almost cried.He has done his best and he is so humble.Taking pain killers each time before every match and still excelling beyond his level. My mum and I also prayed for him during the final match.I prayed that he is steady.
       I was tempted to get the FREE Baskin Robbins ice cream tonite,8-8-2012 from 8pm -10pm.But I had to work and can't make it in time.Some more, there will be a super long queue in all the outlets.So, I guess I have to miss it this time.
       Yesterday, I met up with my long time old best friend.She is still pretty as ever and she is a pharmacist.She got a PR in Australia and her boyfriend(australian chinese) is also a pharmacist.When I asked him about the olympics, he said he also supported DLCW.
       I also went to Kanebo Metrojaya to take a look at some cosmetics.My friend bought a very sweet lip gloss for RM104 while I bought an eyeshadow palette for RM175.If you spend RM150 and above, you will get RM20 voucher at Parkson Grand.I was contemplating to buy a nail polish as well for a friend's wedding gift but end up not getting it.I am not sure whether she will like the color.After that I went to get my fave donuts at Big apple donuts.I love the durian, peach and strawberry flavour, they are always my favourite. Then I rush to my next class.after my class, I called it a day. A fruitful but tiring day.I haven't met my best friend for 5 years, and I hope our friendship will last forever.
         I love DLCW and wish you happiness in your coming wedding.I wonder if you will invite Lin Dan as well?haha...

Ok,  a treat for my readers here.If you support DLCW and think he is our Hero, Pls leave a comment for this post.I will send the first 5 readers a handmade bookmark to your address for FREE.Kindly leave your email as well.Ppl give free baskin Robbin, some give free nasi kandar, and I am just doing my part to give bookmarks in honor of DLCW.

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