Thursday, April 5, 2012

creative side and about my grandmother

I guess I inherited my interest in music from my mum and art and craft from my paternal grandmother.She was an avid sewer when she was younger, around 20 years ago.She used to make dresses, blankets, pants for me, curtains for the house etc.She was very smart and very good in doing business.Last time, she also sells vegetables at central market and earns quite a lot.She's 87 this year and her memory is losing.What do you expect?My relative's mum in law was diagnosed with Alzheimer at the age of 65! My grandmother is considered very lucky now.She can still walk around, but of course she gets tired very easily.She is currently living in flats, the 4th floor and there is no lift.She walks up and down almost everyday.Even those young salesman who climb the stairs to her house pant when they reach the top.
oh yes, I remember, when I was form 3 and doing sewing coursework for my kemahiran hidup test, we need to sew a baju Kedah.My grandmother helped me to sew and I passed the test! Suddenly I felt inspired to taking sewing classes! I started googling for the price of sewing machines in the internet.I would love to make my cheongsam one day, if time permits, and bags and evening gowns.Wow, being creative is endless.There are so many things to learn, yet so little time.I wish I don't need to work so hard in my fulltime job now so I have more time to be in tune with my creative side.Anyone can recommend me where to learn the art of making cheongsam from a sifu?Affordable fees anywhere?Ok, my location is in Kuala Lumpur.Hence I would prefer Klang valley area.

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maggie3112 said...

there's one in bukit bintang area, but not sure if its convenient for you, since it jams everyday at that area haha