Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June, a wonderful month

I met with an accident last week.A purple car bumped at my car's back and my left light came out, my car's number plate also cracked.Maybe you think I am stupid not to stop my car and confront the car owner to pay for the damages.I saw that the car was full of people.I am alone just finished work near Mid valley there, and I was in a good mood, suddenly out of the blue, boom!someone banged on my car. I have to bear the damages myself but luckily it was not too big a figure and I am not hurt.
I pay my tithe regularly and faithfully every month and how can this happen to me, ppl may ask.But I thank God I am safe and still serve him faithfully as pianist in church and join prayer meeting early in the morning and attending ministry director's meeting and also cg(care group). got Ppl ask me, why you give so much tithe then so active in church and accident happen to you? No, they are wrong.In spite of this, God blessed me even more! My purse is never empty and I got businesses flowing.One customer ordered 4 angels one shot( including the beautiful giant angel), my aunt bought the pink eyeglass chain from me and there are other deals too.My husband is also blessed.His boss is in favour of him and he gets good apraisal and stuff like that.
In life, nothing is smooth sailing all the way.Accidents may happen to us, like what happened to me above for example.But continue to trust God even in your lowest point.If we are humble, he will lift us up.

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Received the angel......Thanks.