Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pretty Galz dating ugly guys...

So, I just read Cheesie's blog again about the pretty gal dating ugly guys post.Wow, first time seeing so many comments frm readers until cheesie closed the comment session.I wanted to comment, but closed edi, so I guess I write my comment here.There were 130 comments in her particular post.Cheesie mentioned about wanting to marry someone like Ip man. Haha, I was laughingn when I read this.I am sure a big fan of Ip man.I mean Donnie Yen acted so well.haha. Ip man is such a family guy, after he win a battle, first thing is he wanna go home.
I am honest to say that looks is important to me.When I was young, I admired good looking guys like everyone, and its a bonus if they are super smart. My cousin once commented I will meet my future husband at the library.Not true anyway. My husband is smart but he is not top student stuff lah.He has high EQ for sure, which is a very good virtue.Once, he work so hard in uni he told me that he almost got dean's list (Very happy to hear that). He has a fren, on the first year of college scored all A's, then second sem all B's, then 3rd sem all C's then 4th sem all D's. His fren is very smart, but got into wrong company and as a result, his results suffer lor. So, your frens are very important, they either make you or break you.
I was lucky during my form 5 time.I had a crush on a super smart guy (hope he is not reading this), in order to attract him, I work very hard in my studies.Thanks to him, I got decent results in my SPM. I think that good results were everything in life, but now I realised not, a good balance in life is what matters.What do u gain if u are top student but the whole school hates you becoz you are too cocky?You will end up unhappy.So, I would rather be just nice in studies and have a good social life.

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