Monday, June 28, 2010

bought a new bag!Guess what it is?

Hi readers.So, I bought a new bag.No, its not Coach, not Che che, not Longchamp not LV, not Guess, not Prada...

Its from Sembonia.I went to Jusco and there was sale!So I grab a bag for myself and a lovely leather purse for my mum.My bag got 50% off, so I decided to get it rather than spend a bomb on che che or longchamp bags.
My bro just came back frm Bangkok.He is back renewed, and have dreams for himself. I hope he will achieve his dreams one by one.
This month is both my bro and mum's birthday. We are going to Shangrila hotel for a buffet treat by my beloved husband. I once went to Shangrila Lemon Grass cafe for buffet dinner on one of my company's dinner.It was awesome.Love the chocolate fountain, the mussels, the dessert is definitely splendid.Of course the price also awesome lah,RM98++ per person, not everyone can afford.
will show u pics of the bag later:) ciaoz!

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