Monday, April 18, 2011

Angel of love special sale extended

In just 8 days, I sold a total of 27 angel of love, and my customers love it and gave good feedback.If u are still hestiting whether to buy it, go ahead, coz my promotion price is only for a limited time and my price is so low that u can't get such price anywhere else. So, I hereby extend my angel of love sale, if you buy 2 angels and above, you will get each angel only at RM12 Each, if you buy 10 angels and above, each angel is RM10 each. I had a customer who bought 7 angels, she gave to her colleagues, and they love it so much, so she order another 5 angels just now.Kim sim, thanks for your support:) and also thanks to lydia tong, my returning customer who bought 9 times from me, since 3 years back.Thankyou for all your support, dear readers, without you, who am I?Tanpa kamu semua, siapakah saya?


Kim Sim said...

Thank you for the lovely accessories. They are so sweet and nice, and most important of all, not expensive. :)

crystalsparadize said...

Thanks kim sim:) hope you fren like the angels you gave them,