Friday, April 8, 2011

I am saving money !

So, you are thinking, what am I saving to buy?Something very expensive.Ok, I will spill the beans here.I am planning to get a new violin, budget around RM10,000.Yup, a good violin is that expensive.My current violin is fine, but I am planning to get a better one.Dear readers, do click on my ads if you visit my blog now ya cuz nuffnang will pay me for the advertisements.It goes to my funding for a new violin.I am trying hard to resist temptation to perm my hair, to avoid buying new clothes, go for expensive dinner/lunches and etc and try very very hard to save every penny as possible.So, do support my sales ya.The angel of love is having huge promotion, don't miss it! RM17 Only, normal price RM20 each, NOW EVEN better, buy 2 for RM30 and buy 5 free one!fantastic offer!!!!!!!

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