Sunday, April 10, 2011

violin talk

So, I went to see my potential new violin today at Puchong.The sound of the violin was wonderful, very seasoned and mellow.When the the boss's student tested the violin, I was mesmerized, the vibrato is so lovely! So, I am saving money now to buy that violin which costs a bomb, RM10,000.According to the boss, the violin is over a hundred year old French violin.It comes together with evah pirazzi strings, the most expensive violin string which cost RM380 a set.My current violin uses dominant strings which costs RM155 a set of 4 strings.I also had a aunt in England who knows a violin maker, which is her friend.I am also thinking whether to ask her buy for me coz her fren makes good violin, and the violin she has now, has a very lovely sound.So, still praying about it.well, I am working hard on this online business to help funding for the new violin, so please support ya.My prices are really low and I 've never had a sale like this before, really, if u have read my previous posts, you will know this time is a big super sale, guaranteed you cannot find such good price in whole of Malaysia!Some I am selling at cost price coz I have over few thousand worth of stock at my home which accumulated for over 10 years.So, then.ciaoz!

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