Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In the month of Nov and about forgiveness

In oct, I got a lot of sales for the personalised names.In Early nov, which means now, I am still getting orders everyday.
Yesterday, I went to Megamall to shop.I bought some stuff.As usual, every month after getting my salary, I will go on a shopping spree. What did I buy this time?I Bought an umbrella, a flower hair clip, Nail Polish, a pair of shoes and some sushi.Yup, I love sushi.
2 days ago, I received a call frm a long time old best friend.Was very happy to hear frm her.She is working at Australia and she got her PR.I haven't seen her for 5 years after my form 6. A very nice sweet, pretty girl with a nice personality.
I believe that everything we do has consequences.What goes around comes around.If you do good, something good will happen to you.If we do something bad, something bad will return to you.Sooner or later, everything you did will come back to you.
I also believe that we should forgive people and also ourselves.If we can't forgive, we suffer the most. Resentment is detrimental to your health.So, I admit very honestly that right now, I do not hate anybody.Those who hurt me or wronged me, I have let go. I try my best to be nice to everybody I meet.I won't take revenge at all.Because I read in the daily bread, and it says, revenge restrained is a victory gained.And facebook also says, do not take revenge, those who are bad to you will screw themselves sometime or later.If you are lucky, God will let you watch. Yes, this is very true, I have experienced it, many times. So, what is the moral of my post today?Buat baik dibalas baik baik, buat jahat dibalas jahat.Every single thing you do counts, so think before you act.God bless you readers:)

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