Sunday, November 27, 2011

My 2nd Wedding Anniversary and about kindness

Today marks my 2nd wedding anniversary. A lot of good things happened in the month of Nov.Yesterday, I received some good news frm my husband, not telling here.I also received a very expensive wedding anniversary gift from my dearest Mother. Also made lots of sales during the month of November, thanks to all my supporters.Looking forward to a wonderful December and the celebration of christmas.
During the month of November, I tried my very best to be nice to everyone I meet.Even if some "people "were not so nice to me, I never took revenge or defended myself . As a result, I find God's blessings pouring out to me more than before.Dear readers, try it, be nice to everyone, buat baik dibalas baik.Don't hurt others with your words or action, for it will come back to you in some other way one day. I see it with my own eyes that some people who were not so nice to me, screwed up themselves sometime or later.I am not boasting here, but God will avenge every bad thing you did to others.
Once, I was not so nice to "somebody", and God really really punished me.I had some very bad days, and that was during early October. Some "people" were really nice to me, and I see God blessing them in some ways, such as scoring good results in exams, becoming rich and prosperous etc
Being unkind to anyone does not do any good to you.It harms the person that you are unkind to, and also harm yourself because deep inside you, you don't feel really good for doing unkind things. Do you know everytime you mention unkind words about anybody, your body has a negative reaction which is not so good for you.You may feel superior stepping on others, but the fact is your body is not responding postively. Think about it, stop bullying others, stop being unkind to others.
Do you know that bullies have problems? if a person is very confident and happy or secured, he or she most likely won't be unkind to others.In fact, it is those insecure people who bullies other to feel superior about themselves. So, you who are reading this, if you think you are bullying someone right now, change! and I guarantee you will receive blessing in return.Do not repay evil for evil, but repay evil with good.

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