Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Very good book to recommend

Currently I reading a very very good book entitled "love and respect" by Dr Emerson Eggerichs.There are many tips on how to solve conflict and many ideas on how to improve you relationship with your spouse.I am reading it everyday, bit by bit in the morn after taking my breakfast and doing my house chores.

I strongly recommend all couples to read it , and of course practise it.If you do,I guarantee your marriage will take a 180 degree turn.Even marriages on the verge of divorce can be saved.There is a testimonial in the book that a wife who wants a divorce very badly because she felt she lost her love for her husband.But the husband read this book and tried very hard to show love to his wife.Everyday he holds her hand and hugs her and tell her he loves her.In the end, the wife quit the idea of divorce and their relationship is stronger than ever.

Never estimate the power of holding hands ang hug.It can do wonders for your relationship.Read this book to find out more on how to improve your relationship:)Dun forget to thank me after your marriage has improved!Quick and get hold of this wonderful treasure!

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