Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Heavenly Man

Today dear readers I am going to do a book review.The book is entitled "The heavenly Man", based entirely of a true story of a chinese Christian man name Yun.

This book was awarded Book of the Year award. Yes, I personally think this book deserves this honor.It was indeed a very good book,it kept me reading for many hours.
The Heavenly Man is about a christian brother named Yun who suffers a great deal for God.In this book, he was tortured in prison, beaten, mocked many many times.The most amazing about this man is that he fasted for 74 days, without eating or drinking a drop of water, but he survived.We know that a normal human being can't leave without water in 7 days.He even fasted longer than Jesus Christ, who fasted 40 days in the desert and being tempted by satan.
I cried a few times reading this book.As disciples of christ, we have to make many great sacrifices, even our family.There was this part, where a sister was forced to choose between her son and mission by the government.Then she and her son's relationship was over.Her son would never accept Jesus becoz his mother had choose him over her son.How sad and hurtful. Read this book and you will understand how sad and touching some parts were.Those who cry in sad movies will definitely cry in this book too.
Oh yes, in this book there are many miracles.One example is how Yun's father was cured of cancer the next day after they prayed for him.His wife has hemophilia and was healed. Yun was praying for a bible for 3 months and in his dream he saw 2 brothers bringing a bible to him.when he woke up, it was true, there was indeed 2 man who sent him the bible.The owner of the bible had also receive a vision 3 months ago frm God to send the bible to Yun. I don't really know how to explain how great the miracles are in this book, u just have to read it to taste it yourself.Ok, gotta do some work now.

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