Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Child Prodigy

I went to youtube and found a child prodigy violinist named Jocelyn.This talented young girl is only 9 years old now but she plays like an adult and her interpretation is so good. So, you go to google and search Jocelyn violin.You will definitely be impressed! And she also sings and dances chinese classical dance and ballet. You know what? She really inspires me and I love to dance to sing too besides beading. I once took salsa class for 4 months, and ballet for only a month but my mum stopped the class coz the teacher says I dance my own style and din follow instructions.My mum din know I like ballet.

Anyway, if I happen to give birth to a daughter, I would love my daughter to be something like this Jocelyn.I like the name Jocelyn very much.Once I wanted to name my future daughter Jocelyn but my mum thinks the name is absurd.
So I told my husband that I want my future children to learn piano and violin.I asked him, what if they don't practise their piano?Then I will use the rotan and "fiak" them, replies the man of the house.Haha..... My husband makes a good disciplinian.

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