Sunday, February 7, 2010

Testimonial from Customer

I was suprised when my customer Darren said he want to write me a testimonial for my products and service.He saw my blog from, which I first started selling my products online.Here is what he wrote:

"Well, this was the first time i am purchasing items from Mei Sann, aka Karen. I did not hesitate to include myself in this contest.

I knew Karen from LYN, i was intending to get some Swarovskis and i did. First impression, Karen is a nice person, and she will always be hands-on in every little single thing about the crystals. She recommended the angel necklace, earring etc to me and she tried her best to give me what i want. Besides, Karen is a woman of her words. She promised me that she will be posting my crystals on a particular day and she did it perfectly. Karen is such a caring and sweet girl. She even included a CNY card with some warm greetings written on it.
Thanks for the wishes, a prospectus CNY and sweet Valentine's day for you.

Comments for the crystals - , this smiley says it all.
No doubt, it is a thumb up for the Swarovskis. The crystals are like the stars in the dark sky, so shiny and they are attractive.
Personally, i adore the angel necklaces, bringing sweet messages.

It was a good deal and i will definitely get more crystals from Karen, of course when i can afford it (i am still a student).
All the best in this brand new year, Karen.
I believe that your business will be just like the crystal you sell, shinny than others and yet lasts forever.
Good luck and see ya. "

Pls:I did not bribe him to write me the testimonial

But Darren is such a sweet bf to his gf. A very romantic person indeed... He designed a couple T-shirt for themselves, wrote a very unique poem, ordered flowers from the florist for her secretly etc. Shaun, you better emulate Darren.I want flowers too at least...haha...

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