Monday, February 8, 2010

reviewed by VIP customer Lydia

This is what Lydia wrote in her blogshop:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Crystals Paradize

Customized mobile strap & anklet to my liking..
**Karen chose the shades for me..see how she knows the kinda colours i like! :)

Naaaaah... This anklet and starfish mobile strap was
custom made by a seller..

I love you like bling blings?
Ok fine, I dont know how to do a review on the things I like and stuff,
but what i know is that i can tell you why I like the stuff I buy >"< href="">Crystals Paradize back in June 2009 if im not mistaken. What was the first thing I bought from her eh? Hmmm...oh ya,this.. Glamorous Diva with no remakes :)

Custom made ala-ala Glamorous Diva with different
shades ofSwarovski crystals :)

The 3rd order was the first pict ^^
Then the 4th order was the Fish + white plated chain
& starfish earrings!!

I was like in the midst of being at the poorest. I told myself I just had to splurge on this beautiful one and only creation.. I admit to the fullest that I wore it a several of times before deciding in the end not to wear it as I didnt want to ruin it lah..
My bf would always say, "yala, u buy but u keep and dont wear then waste money :PPP"
I would tell him in return that "aiya, buat collection ma,nanti rosak how how how?"
he's then give me this "yaaaa..whatever" look.. then that means i have won again in nagging and stuff.. hohoh..

Sorry to my followers and those who subscribe to PCTG. I just wanted to write this semi-review for Crystals Paradize as I strongly recommend you guys to buy from her.
Karen she is.. Mei Sann would be her other name..
Please...feel free to browse through her blog and of course custom made orders are definitely welcomed! Well, at least for me la..heheheh!
Dont forget, I cn be quite specific and choosy la..
All of us would want what we want rightttt...

Hi Mei Sann, I hope you like this banner I made for you.
Something just very simple :)


THANKS to Lydia who did this lovely review for me:)

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