Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Going back to hometown and about being pregnant

So, since I am married, I will have to follow my husband back to his hometown in Gemas.I will be going on Fri nite and staying till Tues.We will come back to KL on Tues becoz my cousin is having open house. Oh, this year have to start giving angpow edi. But luckily I do not need to fork out money for that, my husband will provide me with moolah.

Oh ya, some people have been asking me whether I am pregnant.The answer is "not yet".I am a christian and I do not support the idea in having premarital sex. You can call me conservative. I know staying together and getting married when the girl is already pregnant is very common nowadays. But I support chastity. I remember when I was form 6, there was a workshop called "No Apologies".This workshop is designed to encourage young people to wait for their true love.There is even a card to be signed, sort like an agreement. Of course I signed it, with my school counseller as a witness. To be honest, I am glad I hold on to my principle. Abstinence. It works everytime! For those readers who are still virgin here, I encourage all of you to be strong and wait, because its worth waiting, believe me! Hey, not to say I despise or wanna judge others who did not wait.I am no God and I don't have the right to judge others.For it is said, "Judge not, for you will be judged."

Anyway, I would love to have kids.I believe God will give me kids when I am ready. When I see cute babies in shopping mall or in the garden, it makes me smile, from the inside.

I slept early in the morning today, almost 5am, trying to figure out some designs. will post some new products soon, stay tuned:)Hence, the tagline for today's morning post is TLW, which stands for "TRUE LOVE WAITS"
ABSTINENCE.It works everytime!

BTW, if I am ever getting pregnant, I wanna look like this-a hot mama:)

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