Saturday, February 13, 2010

Glow in the Dark nail stickers

Wanna dress up your nails for a pretty look?

Just stick them on your nails and add a top coat for lasting look

The best part is that they glow in the dark!

The designs are sweet looking and demure
I took some for my personal use as well
If you are going for a wedding, wearing a white dress,
OH YES,...

Or being a bridesmaid.Just stick it on to enhance your plain color nail polish.
Because it's white, you can match it many colors.

PRICE:RM4 for 1 piece
RM10 for 3 pieces(STEAL!)

To be honest, I saw this exact brand selling for RM5, Dun wanna say where.It's at some shop where they sell cosmetics, something like shins. Hence, my price is actually cheaper than normal retail price.

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