Monday, February 22, 2010

Memory Lane

I love to go to Memory lane to buy cards.Their cards have really nice designs and are not too expensive, as compared to Hallmark.I even join as a member for RM10 a year.This month, they have 20% discount for cards, which was very worth it.I chose two very nice cards for my good friends Kit Ying and Veng Wai. Kit ying loves to buy branded stuff, and likes LV(Louis Vuitton) too, like me.Veng wai is a very pretty girl with many admirers.She got her degree in pharmacy in Australia and is very smart, sweet and caring.
Kit Ying is also a very caring girl.I will never forget the moment when she feed me porridge when I was sick with dengue in hospital 6 years ago.That is why I keep in touch with her and never fail to give her present or a card on her B'day.
I am a type of person that treasures birthdays very much.Maybe it is due to my upbringing that since I am one year, my family will celebrate my b'day for me every year until I am 21 years old.
Hence, for those customers who are buying my products as birthday gifts to their friends or loved ones,I am going to give a complimentary free little gift card inside the parcel.You can add your personal msg in it, provided,that the products that you buy are at least RM25 and above.
Will upload the pic of cards later that I chose for my 2 dear friends.

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