Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Colors for Angel of Love

Bermuda blue

Send an angel to your loved ones or keep one by your side.
Price:RM20 each with free gift box!
AL004(Bermuda blue)
(Other colors of angel also available upon request)


Jimmy said...

hi there! this is beautiful. i like both the pink n blue colours. hmm..wonder how fast can i get it if i make an order?

crystalsparadize said...

Hi Jimmy, u can get in 2 days time by registered post,As long you as you make the payment fast.You should be able to get it before xmas.I can post the items out on Mon, together with my other orders.Email me at for more details :)

Koh said...

These angels are made for angels. The colours are simply beautiful and the design is very good. My friends loved it the very moment they saw it.

crystalsparadize said...

Dear:Koh.Thanks for your compliment!But so sorry just saw your comment today.Was checking my older posts and came across it.Glad your frens love it!:)