Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother's Day

Wow, I juz sold out 5 clothes just now!I gave the customer free postage.Remember earlier I Helped my friend to sell clothes.She gave me 7 clothes to sell because she wanted to move house.I can't believe I sold all of them.Thankyou God for his grace to help me.... Oh ya, just now went to some jewellery shop and saw some nice ruby rings with diamonds.Wanted to get one for my mum but when I called her, she say no need to spend so much.She just need a handsfree coz hers had spoiled.My mum love rubies because she says it's her birthstone.My birthstone is diamond. Wanted to get a nice card from Memory lane as well, saw a very nice card and almost bought it, then dunno why I left the store and went back home.I am still praying to God to think of what is the best present to give to my mum.Any suggestion readers?


Creatively Petite said...

Drop by my place...check out some nice ear ring set

crystalsparadize said...

Edi checked your place, dear:)