Monday, May 24, 2010

love your Enemy

Today, I read a story from the book entitled "Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul".It was entitled Love your enemy.This is a true story about forgiveness. A former concentration camp survivor wrote about how she learn to forgive her enemy, the cruel guard who caused her sister's death in the camp during the nazis time.With our own strength, we cannot do it, but with God's strength, everything is possible.I cried when I read the story.
Just now, I went to a japanese restaurant with 3 of my church female members, they are from my cg.Hope they enjoyed themselves and the nice food But I am sure they did.We had a debate about having non christian boyfriend and husband.
Yesterday Pastor Eddie Tan preached a very good message about prayer.Prayer is like a charger for your hp.Without your charger, the hp cannot function.Same with prayer.We need to charge ourselves with prayer before going out to work or to school so we have energy to face the day and its duties or any trials that comes before us.This morning, I applied what pastor Eddie said, and had my quiet time in the morning.I prayed for my family, shaun's family, my cousins, some church members etc.I also prayed for the pastors in my church and other churches as well.
Dear Pastor Eddie, if you are reading this blog, I wanna tell u I admire your charisma since I am young, when you preach in my church many years ago.Love it when you give us free books each time you preach in my church.My mum won 2 books frm you and I won once too. hehe...
Dear Mummy, if you are reading this blog, I really appreciate all the prayers you did especially for me.Without your prayer and support, I will not be what I am today.My faith in christ has grown because of your good example in your prayer life, your simple faith that God answers our prayers, Even simple prayers like praying for a parking and God grants it everytime.Everytime when I go to work, I pray for a parking, and God answers it everytime.Do you know how hard it is to find parking in my working area?Ppl have to come half hour earlier to find parking.

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