Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just a random post

Yesterday was Thomas Cup Finals.I watched a bit then went to sleep.No doubt Lin Dan was good,Though he appeared to sort of cocky.After winning, he would take off his shirt.And he does have a nice body, I have to admit that.
For the past week, ppl have been really crazy about Thomas Cup. Even facebook status is about Thomas Cup trivia.
Yesterday, I attended a wedding dinner.It was a beautiful wedding, completed with wishing tree(guest putting their wishes for the newlyweds ), the bridegroom sang a song as the bride makes her entrance alone. How I wished I had a wedding reception at a 5 star hotel too,though this will cost some money of course.Anyway, a wedding is just for a day, but a marriage is for a lifetime.May God bless the newly wed couple, Benjamin and Gladys and may they be a testimony to their family members and friends in their Godly ways.

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