Monday, May 3, 2010

Specially for For music lovers

Treble green hp hanger/bag hanger/pendrivehanger

Price:RM10 (Free pos Express)

Without the treble clef motif

simple yet nice design.You know what, my little 11-year cousin sold this to his classmate for RM26! This blingy thing can really brighten up your hp/pendrive, bag.

RM8 Free Pos express! Promotion, buy 5 free 1
(Your girlfriends will love it, this is so affordable and chic!Trust me, you won't regret buying it!)

You know what, I gave this as a gift to a virtuoso violinist of Malaysia, Joanne Yeoh on my birthday, 17 April when I happened to meet her at my junior's recital and I asked for her autograph as well.Joanne yeoh is currently the lecturer of UPM.She has a doctorate in Psycology.Very pretty (without makeup) and smart!She is one of the best violinist in Malaysia.Joanne is the solo violinist for Jacky Cheung and Alam Tam's concert(How geng is that).When I gave her the treble clef motif thingy(it was pink color), she said, is this a bribe?I answered no. I found out that Joanne and Dennis Lau are actually cousins.Dennis Lau's album is very nice. I got it as a wedding gift from my friend.It was mixture of jazz and R&B.Really relaxing and you can feel yourself dancing to it.FYI, the album, named" Diversify" is promoted by Kenny Sia, Malaysia's superblogger in his blog at

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