Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day contest extended! Wow

Dear readers, the mother's day contest has been extended until 16 May due to some reader's request. Earlier I said that I will only give away the Gorgeous Snow white bracelet if I have 4o entries rite?Now I am reducing it to 20 entries, if I can get 20 entries, I will give away the coveted bracelet to the reader who has the most creative slogan provided they have guessed the question correctly.I still have less than 10 entries now, so, kindly pass this to your frens so somebody will win it k, don't be selfish......hehe Thanks for reading

I was watching several Project Alpha videos just now.Very interesting....all bloggers must watch! got lotsa blogging tips to improve your traffic mah...Cheesie said even u dun look good, u always have photoshop to help you.You can even make your boobs look bigger with photoshop.This dun ask me lah, I dunno how, I also wish I know how.haha...

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