Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sakura flowers

Saw Cheesie's blog.So nice the sakura flowers in Japan.Must save money and go there.Must go there before I die.There are places that I must visit in my lifetime:Japan, Korea, USA, Australia and going to UK again to visit my dear aunt.The last time I visit UK is when I am 3 years old, too small to remember many things.

Today is rest day for me.I just love holidays, its the time I can go out with my dear husband for a date.He is so busy during weekdays, we just come back home and sleep only.On weekends, I am busy working and going to church too. so carpe diem!

May God bless this day, that it will be a wonderful day, a memorable day.That whatever we do, we honor God's name and may his name be glorified.Amen!

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