Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just to keep this blog alive

I twitted just now, Delight yourself in the lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.Yes, it's very true.If you honor God first, he will make your plans smooth.For example, on tues, I was supposed to do replacement class for a student until 7.45pm and I have to take a bus back coz my brother was using the car.My cg(Care group) meeting starts at 8.30pm.My mum say how can you work so late?got cg.In fact it was the student's fault coz he missed class last thurs and his mum request to replace on tues nite. Suprisingly, on tues afternoon, the school clerk called me and say his mum went outstation and could not fetch her son for class on tues. Hence, I get to leave early and be in time for cg.
I was given a new student, high grade, in which the fees is RM190 to teach on Fri 7 to 8pm last week.I told the clerk I dun want to teach because I have no time. In fact, I was reserving my time for cg that is occasionally held on Fridays.My boss say, got student for you to teach also dun want to teach. Then, yesterday, my boss say that student will change time earlier to 4 to 5pm.
There was a long time teacher in the school who is going to resign next month, and yesterday she told me she decided to pass some of her high grade students to me.Wow, I am like I have so many new students next month until my time is really full.So, what is the moral of this story? Put God first and God will bless you, always remember to pay your tithe even you think you dun have enough money for the month.You will witness miracles.So far, I have never have not enough for the month although in the beginning of the month I calculated my expenses and I can't seem to cover it. Out of the blue, sometimes I get angpau frm relative or whatever.
My expenses is quite high becoz I have to pay car installment, insurance policy, petrol fee, hp bill, food expenses, give parents money, give tithe and to buy some personal stuff.


Clarisse Teagen said...

I'll try to remember this :) thanks for sharing. .

crystalsparadize said...

Thanks for your comment Clarisse and thanks for dropping by my blog:)