Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My criterias for a life partner

When I was around 18, I wrote a set of criterias for my life partner in a piece of paper.I think I prayed about it too.

1.Must not be a relative
2.Must be a christian
3.Can be my model
4.Respect me (in the sense do not take physical advantage of me)
5.must be taller than me
6.Must at least have a degree
7.Speak good English
8.Have good parents

My life partner now fulfils 8 out of 9 of this criterias.But I am not going to tell which one hehe, its for you to guess in your hearts...But I want to thank God for blessing me with a good and responsible husband. He is such a hardworking staff in his company, his superiors loves him and his colleagues too.He is also a filial son, very respective of older folks and my family all like him, and the church members too.Of course nobody is perfect, but I love him the way he is. God prepares everybody a someone who can be your partner.So, if you are reading this post and are still single, pray to God to show you the partner he has prepared for you.
Yesterday, in our CG(Cell group) we were discussing about marriage and divorce.Pastor says, if anyone divorces his wife and marries another woman, he commits adultery.The woman, who has been divorced, if anyone marries her will commit adultery too. Kwai Chee, the pastor's wife shared, in her previous marriage counselling, the elder said " Incompatibility is not a reason for divorce" in the first marriage counselling session.I am glad my marriage counselling last only of few sessions, but my pastor's counselling lasted for 6 months, wow, it must be really detailed. If God let you stay single or married, he will give you sufficient grace to go through life.Since God has been so gracious to us, we must show grace to our spouse too.

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