Sunday, May 2, 2010

Isu Pembuangan Bayi! Sungguh marah

Yesterday I read in star paper that there were many babies abandoned in the rubbish dump at the roadside etc.Such terrible news.How could the mother or parents do that?It is so wicked!They are worse than killers because they are killing their own flesh and blood.If you feel malu that ppl know u are a single mother, at least put the baby at the police station or put near the orphanage centre so at least ppl will adopt it.The poor babies are left to die if no one manage to find them.Some are bitten by dogs and ants and some have no hands menyayat hati you know.If I were ever a single mother, I would not do it, if my boyfriend dumps me, I will still raise up the baby no matter how hard life it. If you are worried about getting pregnant, don't have sex in the first place! You make the choice and you have to bear the consequences.If you are raped, at least send the baby to shelther home because it is a life, much much much better choice than to let it die on its own. To all single mothers reading this blog, stay strong and I salute you mothers for bringing your baby up.Remember to seek God's help because he is the source of your strength.

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