Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Secrets of How to be Happy

This is a book review

Recently, I bought a book from Popular entitled "Happiness in Hard times" by Andrew Matthews.It was a very easy book to read, yet full of substance, with lovely cartoon illustration drawn by the author.I recommend this book to everyone who is'tn happy with their life now.This book has changed my perspective in life and I feel happier and more energetic and motivated to achieve my goals.

You just have to read it to find out how good this book is. He also wrote a few other books, Happiness now, How to be a Happy teen, Follow your heart.All his books are bestsellers, u can get them at Popular or maybe MPH or Borders.I bought the book at RM48 only, which is a reasonable price for such a wonderful book.I haven't finish this book yet and I will share more in my next post:)Stay tuned. Go to and check out his website, which has a 7 days free trial email to give you wonderful tips on how to achieve happiness.

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