Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby talk

I went back to my husband hometown in Gemas for a few days.Well, the highlight of being in hometown is seeing my super cuty 2 week old niece.Her name is Mok Zi Yen. The feeling of Carrying her in my arms is so nice.Her head is so soft and when she opens her eyes, she was so lovely.I will upload her photo soon. Well, this year's cny mood seems to be lesser than the previous year, maybe its becoz I can't receive that much angpau as last time.Secondly, my mum in law and sis in law health is not that in tiptop condition.Oh yes, the flood in Gemas was terrible too, but luckily our house it at the hill, so it was not affected.I heard that Segamat was even worse than Gemas.My bro in law took the camcorder and recorded the flood in the hometown and that was an eye opener.Gotta visit my aunt house now.Ciaoz!

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