Thursday, February 24, 2011


Life is at normal now.I am still working, of course.I wanted to do many things, learn japanese, play the viola or cello, go for yoga class, attend dancing class, sell bags online.But of course it is not possible for me to do all these in one time, I would be dead tired.
Oh yes, I am going to Jay Chou concert on 4th March 2011,which is next fri at Bukit Jalil stadium with my bro.Hope to enjoy it the very best and chill. The last concert I went to like this was 4 years ago at Jacky Cheung's concert.I enjoy it very much. I bought some cds of him after attending his concert, both original version and pirated as well.My bro used to be a big fan of Jay Chou.He has almost all his original album collection.I think this will be the 2nd time he attend Jay Chou's concert. Jay Chou is indeed a very talented singer.I like Ju hua tai, from the movie the curse of the golden flower.The movie was so so, but the theme song was superb.
Do u remember the drama series journey to the west aired in 8tv several months ago.I don't really like the taiwanese accent of the actors in that series but what I love most is the song aired when the episode ended.It was like ethereal, so beautiful, that I want to buy the sound track.Maybe I should search in Youtube:) Ok, thats all for my ranting, see you guys in my next post:)

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