Wednesday, November 24, 2010



Thankyou for your continuos support.Since Feb 2010 until now nov 2010, I Have made sales of RM2840 through my blog.There are ups and downs in business of course, but anyway I am happy with my blog's progress.Do check the sidebar for updated reward points.For new buyers out there who are contemplating whether to buy from me, fear not, as you can see my list of customers are that long, with 48 customers to date(some even bought a few times).If the products are not good, I don't think they will repurchase from me.Some customers even repurchase from me up to 7 times, seriously. I have lost count of the sales I made before Feb 2010 as its too long so my sales is of course more than RM2840, This blog has been here for 2 years, and there will be more to come:) Feel free to check out my customers' testimonials at my sidebar if you are still not convinced whether to buy from me.I strive my best to give good service to all my customers, as I believe customers are the boss, and they deserve special attention, each and everyone of them.Thats all, thankyou for reading this until the end.

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