Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hari Haji holiday

Glad to have a off day despite work this week.Just now I was cleaning the house, and listening to Jeff chang's CD at the same time.His songs are really nice, really romantic, very soothing.

You know what, I just developed my wedding photos yesterday despite the fact I got married last year.I was delaying it day by day.Anyway, there are total of 459 photos, including honeymoon photos.I spent almost RM170 developing them.There is this place in Petaling street where they only charge RM0.35 to develop each 4R digital photo, its named quick foto, near seven eleven.Their service is good as the photos will be ready in one hour's time.RM0.35 per photo and some more you get free album.So affordable! The photo shop near my house charges RM0.50 per photo and they do not give free photo album, so damn expensive!And forgetting they charge processing fee of RM5,I think.

Guess who is this baby?

Is me.Love this pic!

AND who is this?

My husband.Yup, u guessed correctly

Finally a wedding pic of us together.

We will celebrate our first wedding anniversay on 28 Nov 2010

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