Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life now

Its been ages since I last posted something.Well, I was busy with work. yesterday one of my church member who came to my house ordered a custom make necklace for her friend's 40th birthday.Will show the pic once done.
BTW, the Harry Potter movie is coming out soon, I am reading the last book btw, interesting read I would say. But every night when I come home, I was tired that I have no time to read or even watch tv.Currently I am watching Jewel in the Palace, but not everyday lah, maybe twice a week.
Every Tuesday, we will have cg in my mum's house, until 10 something, when I reach home, it will be almost 11pm.I will be too tired to do anything other than take a bath and sleep after a hard day's work.
One more thing, I am supposed to play for two whole months in my church's worship for both chinese and English every week! I hope I can commit these two whole months and this coming sunday I am playing in another church, so have to ask someone else to replace me in my church.
You guys should really check out the forums in lowyat.net , lots of interesting topics they are discussing there.I saw one topic, which interest me a lot is pregnancy and parenting section.You can get a lot of insight from there.
Tips on how to see whether your future baby is a girl or boy by looking at the belly, pantang stuff like cannot watch horror movie, cannot see monkeys, cannot move house, cannot use a hammer in front of a pregnant lady.
Recently I have another fren who ask me to make a crystal bracelet for his friend who is sitting for her ACCA exam, so that she will have more confidence and calm during that exam.I told him that this bracelet is limited edition, not to be repeated.It is made of fresh water pearl, turquoise, clearn quartz, amethyst, white opal and green crystal.Simple and nice.

I have a fren who is planning to sell her handmade jewellery at the Curve flea market.I might put some of my bestselling products on her stall for sale too.So, I will let u guys know when my fren is selling those stuff.

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