Saturday, May 28, 2011

Trip to star cruise

I went to virgo starcruise at Singapore for 3 days.It was a wonderful trip with lots of entertainment.Did not take much photos coz earlier I thought I lost my camera charger which I could not find.So, this is me standing at 13th floor at starcruise, it was the first night, with nice wind blowing.I love the show in the cruise, it was super fantastic, nice costumes, great performances.I also enjoy listening to the fillipino singers singing pop songs such as Baby from Justin Bieber, Poker face, Noboby etc.They can even sing chinese songs, mind you.When you have your dinner at the starcruise restaurant, there would be a 3 ppl band, also fillipino guys perform song for you.They go table by table and ask for song request.It was so wonderful.They can sing chinese classic songs like Mouse love Big rice, The moon represents my heart, and many many other songs.So, ppl do go and try starcruise, I strongly recommend it!

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