Sunday, December 26, 2010

How was your christmas?

My christmas is filled with activities.First, I attend church service at a hotel with my family.In the hotel, we were served buffet lunch.The food was rather ok considering we pay RM40 per person.The best part is the lucky draw, which we called it blessed draw.Me and my husband got a gift each:) Both items are for the household, which is rather practical.Then at 7pm, We went to my aunt's place for christmas dinner.We had KFC, salad, chinese mi goreng etc...I really enjoyed the games section.Thanks to my aunt who organised such event.After that, we have a second of christmas dinner at My husband's friend house.We were late considering the event started at 7pm.I do not have any drinks except plain water because we were late.However, there were plenty of tiger beer around, which I do not quite fancy.So, that is how I spend my christmas.
Remember the previous post about the coach bag.I have been eyeing for it but I think maybe I will only get it next year.I am planning to travel to Korea in 2 years time and I am starting to save some money each month.My friend said that to travel to korea, you need more than RM3000 including spending.
So, HOW WAS YOUR CHRISTMAS?Feel free to leave a comment.

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