Monday, January 16, 2012

Lenna Lim,The Pride and Joy of UM Music Faculty

Lenna Lim(right) is 2nd Runner of of Miss Chinese International Pageant 2012

The Top 3 in Swimsuits.

I and Shaun watched the beauty pageant live on astro 311.It was really interesting that we don't want to go home because our house don't have astro.I was watching at my mum's place.My hubby said Lim Jia Bing has a big chance of winning champion since she also won 2 subsidiary titles. My favourite judge will be Laughing Gor( Michael Tse). I think he must be a really good kisser! Seeing the way he kiss on TVB dramas. haha.....

I think Lenna's performance was amazing! She answers the questions really well and fast.I was cracking my head when Eric Tsang asked those tough cultural questions.I dun even know the answer to anyone of those tough questions, but Lenna did! She is really smart.If she really teaches at a music school, I bet she will have lots of students due to her popularity:)

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