Sunday, October 23, 2011


Lately, my businness flourished because of making the personalised names bracelet and Hp strap.As you can see, there are total of 143 names made as requested by my lovely customers.There are more to come.Some customers are still thinking of the names of their relatives and friends to give for christmas or birthdays.
As for the customer who ordered 40 JOY hp straps, I have completed the order in 4 hours time.It was time consuming and my hand hurt a bit, but I enjoy making it.In the process, I cut my hand accidentally, thank God it was just a minor cut.It reminds me to be careful when using pliers in the future.
My customers ranged frm church members, pastors,relatives, students, teachers, boss, clerk and even outsiders.Thankyou very very much for your support toward my handmade products.You really made my day!
There are new charms and colors available but I have yet to post the pictures in my blog.

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