Monday, July 4, 2011

hapennings!Angel of love promotion

Quite some things have happened to me, including a car accident which left my car in serious damage, but luckily I was unhurt.And this month July, my car insurance and road tax is due, which needs more money.The car accident was indeed unexpected and I have to fork out a large amount of money for repair.Hence, I am doing a promotion for my items now to raise some fund.
From today onwards til July 13, I will be having promotion for my best seller angel of love.The normal price for each angel is RM20.But if you buy during this period, you only pay RM12 per angel, which comes with a lovely gift box, so no worries about wrapping it as a gift for frens and loved ones.I have sold more than 250 angels to date since the lauching of this blog:)My most recent returning customer ordered 16 angels from me in one shot.She had previously bought 3 angels from me a year ago and was satisfied with my service and products.

Buy 10 angels free one angel(free delivery! )Valid until 13 July 2011 only.

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